Can anyone into Libre Fonts attend Open Translation Tools 2009?

Open Translation Tools 2009 will be held in Amsterdam, Holland from 22-24 June, 2009.

It will run alongside an Open Translation Book Sprint to produce a free book about the tools and best practices of Open Translation, with

In 2007 I and Alex Prokoudine attended the wonderful Open Translation Tools event in Croatia, and my flights and hotel were paid for by the Open Society Institute, and I believe that there will be a similar bursary for people to attend this year.

I cannot make it however, since it will be a couple of weeks before my big MA Typeface Design deadline, and I’m going to LGM.

But, the topic of libre fonts was welcomed by the organisers and proved interesting to all the other participants, and so I hope someone from the Open Font Library or Deja Vu projects can attend.

I’d like people at OTT09 to know about @font-face and what it means for minority languages, and for them to tell the libre fons community what is bugging them about the fonts they have to use (or don’t have available yet.) And also, what is bugging them about the way other tools use fonts - such as the font selection/management features. has all the details, and there is a mailing list too.


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