Film Maker Makes More Money With Free Culture

Recently Miguel Sousa left a comment here that questioned “why voluntary payments are the most profitable way business can be done for artists” and here is more evidence: Nina Paley is a film maker who is making her film free to make more money:

Audience, I trust you … First I must decriminalize it to the tune of about $50,000 [plus] many strings: a “step deal.” … promotional copies are traditionally exempted from step deals … I will place promotional files of the entire film - at all resolutions, including broadcast-quality, HD, and film-quality image sequences - online at and as many mirror hosts as volunteer to share it. I will license it … Creative Commons Share-Alike or … the GNU/Linux license [to] prevent it and any derivative works from ever being [restricted] by anyone, [except] the songs … “But Nina, how will you make money?” The way artists always make money: donations, commissions, grants, patrons, speaking fees. … In the Digital Age, distributors function primarily as a barrier between artists and audiences, prohibiting access rather than facilitating it. I’m betting that you, audience, can find me more money - and certainly wider distribution - than a commercial distributor could. Here are [six] ways I imagine copylefting Sita could generate some income for me…

(Via RMS)

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