FontMatrix Classification and Comparison Feature Videos

Classification and comparison features of FontMatrix are developing slowly :-)

How to make a living as an independent type designer

Perhaps now that music executive keynotes are explaining why voluntary payments are the most profitable way business can be done for artists, when I explain this people won’t laugh in my face. Ha!

the physics of the media space have changed and you artists they feel it, they feel an ability to take their careers into their own hands, to redefine what success means for them, and that is the emergence of the new music business … there is plenty of evidence that the new model can work for brand new artists, too … Topspin believes there is an entire middle class of artists for whom the system hasn’t worked in the past who will be empowered by this new model.

Malayalam Fonts Review

Ormmakal has a great summary of Malayalam fonts and links to Luc’s wonderful site’s page on ML fonts. I’d love to go visit the Design Difference foundry when I head down to Kerala next year.

Default pixel size of web browsers

Paul Thomas at Canonical (backers of Ubuntu) explains that the default pixel size of browsers is 12pt, or 16px.

Inkscape on the path to CMYK support

Felipe Sanches was working on a Google Summer of Code Inkscape project to add SVG font support (and turn Inkscape into a font editor of sorts). Sadly Pango lacks “user fonts” to allow this, but that is slowly coming… Anyway, Felipe just messaged me to say a tiny group of developers received sponsorship from the Brasilian government to travel to Brasilia and meet for a week to discuss Inkscape and GIMP development around ICC profiles and CMYK support. A (portugese) wiki has the UI mockup.

Colour management and CMYK support in free software is a key feature set for professional graphic design, so this is really exciting!

New Spiros UI

Pippin is working on a fun GEGL rig for testing new UI ideas, and one of his ideas is a better UI for Spiros! You can see a screenshot of his prototype’s Spiro UI and I hope this will be a great improvement for Spiro users, and will make its way into Inkscape and FontForge eventually!

OpenMoko Freerunner supports Android, Android supports @font-face

Google’s mobile phone distribution of GNU/Linux, Android, supports non-DRM web fonts via @font-face, and the OpenMoko Freerunner now runs Android (Youtube Video 1 and Video 2).

FontForge now integrates Pango!

FontForge now integrates Pango for menus and almost all of the user interface - only text input boxes are not yet converted, and I expect they will be soon :-) And the rest of the UI is all Cairo based, and the speed of rendering has really jumped ahead!

FontForge Pango!

Also new is the excellent support for the Open Font Library!