LiveBlogging the FOSDEM 2008 Farsight 2 talk

Farsight from Collabora

Farsight started with aMSN as phillippe kalaf’s final major project. Nokia tablets use farsight; based on Telepathy stream engine; has RTP plugin, yahoo and msn plugins are unmaintained; RTP is used by GoogleTalk and SIP…

1-2-1 audio and video calls, codecs negotiated automatically, Interactive Connection Establishment (ICE) is a new transportation protocol for NAT punching used by GTalk. DTMF support both as events and as sounds.

Farsight 1 can only do 1-2-1 calls, no lip sync, video support was hacked in.

So Farsight 2. high level object that are human understandbale and are easy to use. Interfaces that are standard and then helper libraries for each protocol. RTP is the reference implementation protocol, it does everything and MSN/Yahoo/etc are subsets of it. Its aiming for elegance.

The Codec detection/negotiation and gst elements (DTMF, CN, RTP payloaders) from FS1 are good, the new stuff is the GStreamer rtpmanager: multiparty, lip sync, complete RTP feature set. Multicast is used for LAN multiparty.

High level objects:

Codec, candidate (server), participant (one person, with synchronised streams), session, stream, conference.

Current status is close to FS1. This is a diagram of a 10 way conference. Here’s example python code, and here’s a demo.

Next release next week; FarSight 2.01. Future: Complete RTP implementation with DTMPF, Confort Noise, sRTP for secure encrypted calls, which is big in enterprise, and stabalising things. Then port telepathy to use it, and then integrate it into lots of free clients so they can gain AV capabilities.

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