GNOME Do: Quicksilver for free desktops!

Finally there is a competitive launcher tool for free desktops: GNOME Do. I sorely missed Quicksilver (GPL, which replaced the proprietary Launchbar) when I dumped my Powerbook after I realised how important software freedom is.

All the syncing and backups tools are making the viability of desktop software shared across a set of personal computers (ie, laptop, work computer, home computer) competitive with proprietary webapps, too.

And there’s even a GNU+Linux replacement for TeXShop due pretty soon (although I’m enjoying Emacs at the moment, and its out-of-the-box latex mode is ample) so I nearly have all the powertools I used to love from Mac OS X on a free desktop now.

With new versions of Fedora and Ubuntu (and hopefully gNewSense) due out in April, and all the essential “neat tool” popping up, I think when I finally get paid for my freelance systems administration work I’ll buy a new laptop with 3D desktop support and actually make my assertions that GNU+Linux is more user friendly than Mac OS X demonstrable :-)

(Via FSDaily, via DailyUbuntu)

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  1. Alexandre on February 4th, 2008 09:59

    You shouldn’t be needing a whole new laptop to show that, unless “GNU+Linux” (=? :-)) is not that user friendly really :-)

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