Great Little Free Software Programs for Backup, Synchronisation and Notes

While I’m a childish mood to rag on proprietary software, I thought I’d post about 4 little programs for the GNU desktop project GNOME that are better than the proprietary ones:

  1. FlyBack is a great free software backup program. It works better than the equivalent in the latest release of the most advanced proprietary operating system because it can sync to any other computers on your home network, instead of being crippled to external hard disks - or forcing you to buy a small backup server computer with very limited amounts of disk space and no “RAID” hard disk failure protection. That is second only to iTunes DRM downloads as the most bizarre thing that crapple tries to con people into.
  2. TimeVault is a little more sophisticated, integrating with the file browser and giving a nice graph of the backups for when you are milling through archives trying to find the particular version of the file you want to restore.
  3. Conduit is a great synchronization program that can sync both regular stuff like mobile phones’ and email programs’ address books, and also websites like Facebook.
  4. Tomboy is a great “desktop wiki” note taking tool, and it also does backups to any other computer on your home network and its own synchronization by the same means.

(I note that and good friend of mine who works with proprietary software once compared software freedom advocates to ex-smokers. He’s probably got something there ;-)


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