Student Forum: Free Culture

I initiated a “Student Forum” session on Monday lunchtimes with a presentation on Free Culture today.

I presented for about 45 minutes on the concepts and history of free software and free culture, and then enjoyed a 45 minute discussion. It centered on the discussion of business models and how free culture applies to typefaces and font software, which was good.

Who will do one next week?

I could do a second one, demonstrating free software programs and how to set up Creative Commons licenses of Flickr and WordPress blogs and so on, if that would be interesting for people.

But first I’d like to see someone present something else about their background - either in the same vein about business models (“The History & Future of Linotype/P22”?) - or anything… “London Music Album Cover Art” or “Cool Australian Designers” or “What makes French Type ‘French’”…. :-)

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