HOWTO Import drawings from Inkscape into FontForge

Although FontForge now has Spiro support (a world’s first!) some people prefer Inkscape to draw their glyphs in, as it is a general purpose drawing tool with a long standing focus on its user interface.

Open Source Publishing pubished a very handy recipe for preparing Inkscape to be used to draw glyphs that are then imported into FontForge, which I have rewritten and improved a little:

  1. Open Inkscape
  2. From the File menu, select Document Properties.
  3. Set units to pixels (px) and document dimensions to 1000 x 1000, click OK
  4. Set a horizontal guide at 200px
  5. Draw a glyph - the hardest part! :-)
  6. Save the drawing as an SVG
  7. Open FontForge
  8. From the File menu, select Import, chose SVG, find your drawing, click OK

Hopefully this will make its way into the FontForge FAQ or other documentation.

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