Liveblogging a Masters degree

I’ll not be liveblogging my Masters degree as I had first thought, and I apologise here for any distress caused in my initial efforts at doing so.

I’m coming from a University that is a bit more “digital native” in culture, where the wiki, forum and staff and student blogs are on the public web.

I’ve liveblogged many conferences I’ve attended, including doing one on on my previous university blog, although mostly I just uploaded the plain text to my working files directory and let the google currents wash over it.

I easily forget that most people have never seen someone “liveblogging” before, because its so common at the conferences I go to, and the normative behavior for it hasn’t been evenly distributed yet. Then again, amassing bundles of information with apparently no good reason is a well-known characteristic of the kinds of people at those conferences, so perhaps it never will get outside that community.

Also, in the discussions about liveblogging, that awful term “intellectual property” came up. This term is designed to distort and confuse very different laws, and has no place in a proper understanding of the laws or their purpose. Basically, some works are copyrighted, and some ideas are patented, and some signs are trademarked - but nothing is ever the “intellectual property” of anyone. It is a real shame when any authoritative institution buys into the confusion created by this phrase, but the use of the term by such institutions does not make that term valid.

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