Linus Torvalds spoke at a FSF conference in 1996

In the summer of 1995, I was approached by Lisa Bloch, then the Executive Director of the FSF, as to the feasibility of a conference on “Freely Redistributable Software.” I was enthusiastic, but had my qualms about profitability. Richard, at our meeting, was quite understanding: FSF would bankroll the affair, but he hoped we could turn a small profit. Lisa and I put together a committee (Bob Chassell, Chris Demetriou, John Gilmore, Kirk McKusick, Rich Morin, Eric Raymond, and Vernor Vinge) and we posted a Call for Papers on several newsgroups. Thanks to “maddog” (Jon Hall), Linus agreed to be a keynote speaker, Stallman was the other. We had a day of tutorials and two days of papers. February 3-5, 1996 at the Cambridge Center Marriott. Everything ran smoothly. By the end, I was a nervous wreck. And the FSF ended up making a tiny profit.

That’s unexpected.

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