GNU HURD still in development!

Recent discussion on the gnu-system-discuss mailing list has centered on the HURD kernel. Richard Stallman explained why it is still being developed:

The Hurd has a more powerful design, and we hope this can provide benefits that those other systems could not achieve without a similar redesign. If that doesn’t work, then the Hurd won’t be a success.

However, Jose Marchesi said something much more interesting in my opinion:

I can tell you what is my idea about this. My interest in having a GNU kernel for the GNU operating system has nothing to do with technical aspects, but with polithics. The Linux development is managed by a person who doesnt agree with the ideals of the free software movement. I cannot trust that person. AFAIK the copyright holder for Solaris is SUN. I cannot trust that company. Linux is released under the terms of the GPL version 2, and it seems that the Solaris kernel will be released under the terms of the GPL version 3. That is: free kernels. But the FSF may need to write a new version of the GPL in the future to face new problems. Will torvalds or SUN switch to that new license?

The irony is that the HURD will probably not switch to GPLv3 either though, since the copyrights are not wholly assigned to the FSF.

So the GNU/Linux naming controversy is here to stay….

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