Gobuntu and the push for hardware freedom

Right now I can proudly say that all distributions of Ubuntu cost nothing, and that nearly 99.5% of the software and materials we ship gives users and the community the freedoms to share, customize and improve the software however they see fit. To help remove those bits and pieces that aren’t completely free, we have worked together with the makers of gNewSense put out a distribution called Gobuntu. We hope that some day that all distributsions of Ubuntu can carry 100% of the freedoms that 99% of Ubuntu already comes with. To make that happen, and to make an all free software operating system a reality, there is a lot that needs to happen, but, most of all we need your help.

Mark Shuttleworth announced Gobuntu a while back, and recently clarified that it is the new base for gNewSense and a follow-up article about it that suggests wheels are starting to turn for laptops that fully support software freedom too!

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