Message for Mike Romanchuk

I got an email from Mike Romanchuk but my reply was returned as unreceived, so I’m publishing it here in the hope it may one day reach him :-) His email was:

From: Mike Romanchuk, mromanchuk - Date: 01-Dec-2006 18:23 Subject: A typo on you page… I believe you’ve misspelled ‘desired’ on your about page. Search for the sentence, “Order any desited equipment”. I like the idea of this company of yours. The understanding computers part anyway. How do you go about letting people know you exist? I found out about you “via ELER – a webcomic amusing only to nerds.” How do the non-nerds find you? Mike.

And my reply is:

Hi Mike! Many thanks for pointing this typo out! Ironically your subject has a typo, missing the r in ‘your’ ;-) I do actually have a solution to this, for Windows, using Free Software called AutoHotKey. “The following script uses hotstrings to correct about 3800 common English misspellings on-the-fly.” - Regarding my marketting strategy, at the moment I am working locally simply through word of mouth, and have more work than I can handle. A couple of days ago I decided that in October I’ll start a 1 year intensive Masters degree in Typeface Design at the University of Reading, so in fact I don’t want to get too many business commitments. I’m amazed you found me via ELER - I actually bought a ELER “Knuth is my homeboy” T Shirt because I’m a committee member of the UK TeX Users Group :-) Regards David
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