How to open PDF files with GIMP

Today converted a PDF to a JPEG with Free Software.

One of our Business Clients, Les Bouviers, had their logo in a vector format, and they needed to update the version of their logo being used on a restaurants and hotel portal website.

The best Free Software for image editing at the moment is the GNU Image Manipulation Program, also known as the GIMP. There is a very nice version of GIMP for Windows which installed perfectly.

However, when I tried to open the PDF file, an error message was shown:

GIMP Error

So I installed Ghostscript for Windows but still got the same error message.

The solution was to copy the executable files from C:\Program Files\gs\gs8.54\bin into C:\Program Files\GIMP-2.0\bin.

Flashy but Broken

One of our business clients, Les Bouviers, is features on a portal website, Evenings Out, a local business based in Bournemouth. One of the key features of the portal is the interactive panorama images.

But these panoramas are shown in a Flash based viewer. This swaps basic interactivity with being printable, being viewable on GNU/Linux, being included in Image Search Engines, or being easy for visitors to email to their friends.

I created some of my own panoramic imagery for the central Les Bouviers website which are plain JPEG images. For example:

Les Bouviers Panorama

Although simple, these can thrive in the Internet ecosystem.

Free alternative to Norton Ghost

While researching how to do all the services Understanding Computers will offer, I came across which is a Free Software alternative to Norton Ghost licensed under the GPL. It appears to back up a whole system to a CD-R which is bootable and will reimage the machine by itself. If this can be run from a ramdisk-based LiveCD, this looks like an excellent backup solution.

Hello world!

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