What we do

Understanding Limited provides a range of “free software” and design services.

By the phrase “free software” we don’t mean free as in zero price, we mean free as in freedom. For software to be free, each individual or company using it must be free to do these four things:

  1. Use software without any limits
  2. Modify software, so having access to all the source files
  3. Share, or commercially redistribute, modified or exact copies
  4. Participate in deciding the future direction of the software

The phrase “open source” sometimes describes such software. But that term can be misleading: Many “open source” programs have parts that do not allow these freedoms. But “free software” never has proprietary parts, by definition. Therefore, we try not to use the term “open source,” because working in a free society is important to us and we do not work with proprietary software. We hope that one day, neither will you.

With only free software, we provide the following services:

Established in 2006, our directors are Dave Crossland and Andrew Ellis. We draw on a range of local and international talent to provide our services. We are based in Wimborne Minster, near Bournemouth on the south coast of England.

Much of our work is typically done directly over the Internet, but we work on-site too. We are happy to help people adopt free software at home, at a discount to rates. Read more…